Editorial Statement

The Brazilian Journal of Political Economy is a peer-reviewed journal published since January 1981. It sees economics in its classical sense, as a historical-deductive political economy, not as hypothetic-deductive economics.

The Journal is interested in papers on development macroeconomics, on the recent history of economic thought, and on papers discussing the Brazilian or the Latin American economies.

Theoretically, the journal is associated to Classical Developmentalism, Post-Keynesian Economics, and New Developmentalism. In relation to the later, it is interested in papers that either offer new contributions, or are critical, or apply its hypothesis to the analysis of national economies, or compare New Developmentalism with the two former theories from which it is originated. It is not interested in the comparison of just policies without the corresponding theory.

In the revisions of the literature, the Brazilian and Latin-American relevant authors dealing with the subject are supposed to be duly quoted.

In the case of econometric studies, the technical aspects are supposed to be published only in the journal’s electronic edition.
The journal publishes papers in English and Portuguese but gives priority to the former. The papers that don’t have as subject the Brazilian economy should be written in English or translated to English after being approved.

The papers are published approximately according to the date that they are approved. In accepting the submission of a paper, the Journal adopts as a criterion its interest in publishing it.