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Volume 44 (1) January-March 2024

A brief history of development theory. From Schumpeter and Prebisch to new developmentalism
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira, José Luís Oreiro

The legacy of Celso Furtado
Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr.

he “National Champions” strategy in Brazil. Insights from JBS, VALE, and AB-INBEV’ internationalization process (2003-2018)
Dario Clemente 

An analysis of the competitiveness of developing countries based on foreign-added value in industrial exports
Tatiana Massaroli de Melo, Eneas Gonçalves de Carvalho

When McCloskey meets Latour: changing the perspectives on the rhetoric debates about rhetoric in economics
Mayara S. S. Pires, Ramón G. Fernández

From medieval to liberal man: cycles and crises of liberalism - recent authoritarian tendencies
Luiz Afonso Simoens da Silva

Exchange rate behavior in the BRICS
Flavio Vilela Vieira, Cleomar Gomes da Silva

The Developmental Welfare State in South Korea under globalization
Pedro Barbosa

Value extraction, crowding out and instability of the financial sector on Colombian productive development
Gonzalo Combita Mora

El Salvador: an analysis of the monetary integration law and the bitcoin law
Sergio Luis N. Alonso, Miguel A. E. Fernández, David Sanz Bas, Cristina Pérez Rico


TO BE PUBLISHED SOON (In alphabetic order) 

Bhimo Rizky Samudro, Yogi Pasca Pratama, Albertus Maqnus Soesilo, Harry Bloch, Ruhul Salimandri Prasetyo, Muhammad Bagus Sistriatmaja - Longo waves of economic growth in Asia and Western Europe, 1950-2020: are there any circular-cumulative causation and contradiction aspects?

Brena Paula Magno Fernandez e Raíssa Vieira Melo - Superfluous women and the invisible economists of Langham Place

Giacomo Otavio Tixiliski - Chinese global agribusiness project: historical roots and current actions

Lena Lavinas, Eliane Araújo, Pedro Rubin - Income transfers and household debt. The advancing collateralization of social policy in the midst of restructuring crises

Miguel Bruno, Leda Maria Paulani - Developmentalist policies in financialized economics: contradictions and impasses of the Brazilian case.

Renato Perissinotto - Developmentalism as historical legacy

Tomás C. A. Marques, Giorgio Romano Schutte - An analysis of the inward FDI regulation policy and the Five-year Plans