To be published


Alternative policy imagination for anti-toxic Indian development
Amit Bhaduri

The international monetary and financial system and the digital revolution: perspectives for emerging and developing countries
Luiza Peruffo, André Moreira Cunha, Julimar da Silva Bichara 

Commodity dependence, structural reforms, and commodity trap: South America 1970-2017
Fernando Isabella

Industrialization and deindustrialization: an empirical  analysis of some drivers of structural change in Brazil, 1947-2021
Hugo Carcanholo Iasco-Pereira, Paulo Cesar Morceiro

Fiscal policy transmission mechanisms
Manoel Carlos de Castro Pires, Luiz Fernando de Paula

Critical rationalism and institutional change in Hayek
Eduardo Angeli 

Industrial policy in Brazil: empirical evidences in a context of structural changes (2007-2020)
Luís Felipe Giesteira, Thiago Caliari, Felipe Orsolin Teixeira

Internationalization of Brazilian companies: the rise and fall of a state policy
Robson Coelho Cardoch Valdez

Francisco Dornelles' brief tenure at the Ministry of Finance: The decline of FGV-RJ and the Delfim Boys' dominance 
Alexandre F. S. Andrada 

The International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and India: potential and impediments
Lakshman Chandra Pal

The nature of Central Bank Independence in the era of financialization
Rodrigo Siqueira Rodriguez

TO BE PUBLISHED SOON (In alphabetic order) 

André Mellini, Guilherme Jonas Costa da Silva - Economic complexity and elasticity ratio: a theoretical and empirical approach

Brena Paula Magno Fernandez e Raíssa Vieira Melo - Superfluous women and the invisible economists of Langham Place

Carlos Aguiar de Medeiros, Esther Majerowicz - Contemporary industrial policy and challenges to South America and Brazil 

Francisco Eduardo Pires de Souza, Viviane Luporini - A study of the determinants of the real exchange rate misalignments 

Hugo Carcanholo Iasco-Pereira, André Roncaglia, Marcelo Curado - Latin American structuralists and the theories of inertial inflation 

Ivan Colangelo Salomão, Pedro Cesar Dutra Fonseca - Independency, the 1930s,  and developmentalism

Pedro Lange Machado - Global financial orders and the credit rating agencies: disruptions and adaptations

Victor Cuevas Ahumada, Ignacio Perrotini Hernández - Consumer goods and services inflation in Latin America during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wallace Pereira, Fabricio Missio, Frederico Jayme Jr. - Modern services, real exchange rate and economic growth