Research Groups

The New Developmentalism and Social Democracy Group is a discussion and research group made up of economists and other social scientists who are interested in economic development and, more broadly, in human development, and who share the conviction that developing countries need a theory which will guide them in their action - the new developmentalism - in the framework of a social democracy. In recent years, it has given priority to the new developmentalism and its developmental macroeconomics.

The seminars of NODDES happen regularly since 2013.

The group is registered in the Directory of Research Groups of CNPq since July 14, 2014.
In the choice of themes and works to be discussed and researched, there is a concern to balance economic theory with political and social theory; In the applied plan, the study of the Brazilian economy and politics will have natural priority.

The method adopted is historical-deductive (not hypothetical-deductive), so that economics texts will not be differentiated by the method of political science and sociology.

Director: Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

Coordinator: Cristina Helena Pinto de Mello.

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