Productive accumulation and the contemporary capitalism

Vol. 24 No. 2 (2004)

Apr-Jun / 2004
Published April 1, 2004
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Tauile, José Ricardo, and Luiz Augusto Estrella Faria. 2004. “Productive Accumulation and the Contemporary Capitalism”. Brazilian Journal of Political Economy 24 (2):288-305.

Productive accumulation and the contemporary capitalism

José Ricardo Tauile
Instituto de Economia da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brasil
Luiz Augusto Estrella Faria
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS, Porto Alegre/RS, Brasil.
Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 24 No. 2 (2004), Apr-Jun / 2004, Pages 288-305


Virtuality, immateriality and the development of even more abstract forms of wealth are characteristics of contemporary capitalism. Nevertheless, the course of accumulation needs productive labor. The transformations hidden under these appearance forms are viewed in the light of Marx’s thought in three different ways. 1. The new forms of productive labor that challenge the distinction of productive and unproductive. 2. The transformation of productive capital through concentration, centralization and changing forms of competition. 3. The relationship of productive capital and finance capital, and the new role of money capital.

JEL Classification: F63; N10; P16.

Keywords: Contemporary capitalism finance capital productive capital money and productive labour